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Born and raised on the rural route down in south Georgia, JD got his love for all things music at an early age. Baptist hymns, country music and rock n roll have always been playing in the background. As a young teen he started playing in bands after getting his first instrument at the age of thirteen. Mostly interested in rock and metal music JD played in numerous projects until his early twenties. At age 19 JD entered into service with the US Army as an infantryman and later deployed to Iraq. It was there, on his down time,  where he wrote many of the songs that he has gone on to record and play today. After his enlistment JD returned home and soon thereafter moved to Jacksonville FL. In roughly 2012 he began pursuing his dream of putting together a traditional old time country band and he called it Snake Blood Remedy. Soon after its inception SBR went through numerous line-up changes that would incorporate Mitch Holstein and Paul Jackson, both of whom would become core members of this rowdy ruckus country band. Bars, Booze and bumps on the head was all they got and it was loads of fun but in 2014 things started to get a little more serious, and the following year SBR recorded its first full length album. By 2015 Micky and JD were together and she was in the band full time playing clawhammer banjo, just the push he needed. JD and SBR began playing non stop around FL and sharpened their skills along the way, the next year the band went full time and the rest is history in the making.

Micky Lynn

In 2013 Micky Lynn was playing a gig at Burro Bar in Jacksonville, FL., when J.D.Cook walked in the door and changed her life forever.  The two were immediately drawn to each other, and began working on songs together over the next few weeks.  They played a few gigs together with J.D. performing backup vocals and banjo.  Shortly after, Micky Lynn was asked to play clawhammer banjo for Snake Blood Remedy.  Cautiously, she accepted the role, and has been playing with the band ever since. Through the years, Snake Blood Remedy has become their full time job. The two sold everything they owned, and quit their 9 to 5's to buy an RV, and travel around bringing country music to cities and towns across the Midwest and Southeast.  In May of 2017, the two sealed the deal when they married each other on The Suwannee River.  Micky Lynn's musical influences started at an early age. She was brought up changing the magnet numbers on the hymn board for her mother who played the organ for the church.  Her love of country music was instilled by her father, who often played country music records in the early morning hours, and picked the banjo from time to time.  She began teaching herself how to play when her father gave her his old banjo.    

John Paul Jackson

John Paul Jackson began his interest in music at an early age.  He grew up listening to his dad's routine band practices with friends.  He spent those early years growing up with the sounds of Blues and Southern Rock. By age 3 he was jamming along with drumsticks on the couch.  He is a self taught musician, and by age 10 was already picking up on the drums, guitar, and bass. Since high-school, he has played in numerous punk rock bands. In 2013 Washboard Willie introduced him to J.D.Cook, and he joined Snake Blood Remedy.

Washboard Willie Holstein

Where does a guy like Washboard Willie come from? Central Florida of course. By age 4 he hit the road.  He spent his younger years traveling for motocross, soccer, and anything else that kept the wheels rolling.  His interest in music began in the back of his mom's car while traveling with his Care Bears tape cassette player, with no other musical tape aside from George Strait's 'Ocean Front Property'. He was given his first guitar by an old surf buddy, and immediately started up the band Nine Tenths, putting out 3 albums. He spent some time traveling the rails and camping out for a living, where he developed an interest in acoustic music. Snake Blood Remedy seemed to come into his life at just the right time.  He has been with the band from the start, and seen it's sound develop and grow into what it is today.  

George Strait - Ocean Front Property
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Abigail Gruber

Abigail began playing violin at the age of 4 in Jacksonville, FL. She developed an interest in old time and bluegrass fiddling in her early teens. Throughout her life she has studied classical and jazz alongside fiddling, and she loves being able to pull from those different genres in her playing. She is currently working on a jazz studies degree at UNF on violin and she is actively gigging around the Jacksonville area in multiple bands. In 2016 she took first place in the Florida State Old Time fiddle competition. Her musical influences are traditional and straight ahead jazz, traditional country, old time string bands, traditional blues, bluegrass and swing. She met J.D.Cook jamming together to Hank Williams tunes in 2013. She joined Snake Blood Remedy in the beginning of 2017 when she was approached with a few gig opportunities and a recording session that she happily accepted. She is a full time musician, studying, gigging, and teaching private lessons in Jacksonville.

Andre Gruber

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